Weight System Packaging Machine – Concord10


Product Description:
Filling and packaging machine Brand W-10
(Weighing System) accuracy ± 0.5 g

Technical Specifications:
Scales :

Weighting filling system with 10 weighting heads(Intelligent Gates Collector)
Filling Weight : 1-1000 g with High-accuracy
Control panel touch screen with 3 languages  
ability to save 99 program Test system for all movements of
Tank filler is equipped with automatic feed system
Circular Centre feeder–10 Horizontal Vibration Lines–10 Central Cuffs–10 Weight Cuffs
All the parts that on touch with the product is made of 304 stainless steel
Programming easy calibration system
Easy to install and remove
Reset system
weight tower waterproof to wash and clean easily
Facility with scale  spare parts (weight sensors – gaskets waterproofgate engine  sensor

Packing :
Pneumatic system with pressure 7 to 8 bar and capacity 300 L/min
PLC control system from LS (Korean Brand) high-responding and can be updated on the internet with 3 languages
Production capacity :40-60 pack\min (depends on thenature of the material, weight, cellophane quality
(Pack length : (as required
envelope width:(as required)
Cushion design envelope
All pneumatic parts is from FIESTO company (Germany) or SMC (Japan)
Temperature hour with accuracy control system brand AUTONICS – Korea 
Inverter for speed control LS brand or Schneider company(France)
All electronic parts from Schneider company(France)
The machine works encapsulates all thermal rolls except polyethylene (PE)
All gear position squaring centres fornon-corrosion made of 304 stainless steel to be able to workcontinuous 24 hours
Equipped with 3 electrical Motors brand CAMAK(Turkey) with 3 gear boxes (Italy)
Equipped with alarms (end of the roller, material jammed, end of the material
Faber glass doors for safety with safety sensors
Power Requirement:  380V50hz 5.5 kw full automatic 
Dimension: 380X210X240 cm

Alternative Equipments:
PVC Conveyor belt line with Tank, Vibrator,and circuit control and electronic sensors to feed the machine with the product automatically
Front Conveyor belt to receive packages
Tools box (Heaters + thermostat + Weight Cable

All machines manufactured in our company holds the international quality certificate ISO 9001. ISO 14001. ISO 18001

All machines manufactured in our company holds a certificate of CE

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