Machine dimensions

Mechanical Volumetric packaging machinebrand M1-80
  : Technical Specifications
Mechanical working system
Electronically controlled for all machine movements
Production Capacity: 45-80 pack/min(depending on the product and theroll quality)
Cushion design envelope
envelope length: 10-32 cm
envelope width: on customer request
The machine structure is made of thermal painted iron
Packaging device is made of 304 stainless steel and provided with 6telescope cups made of food polyamide
1 hp main motor Italian industry and gearbox  Italian 
1 hp packaging motor Italian industry and gearbox  Italian
1 hp roll pulling motor Italian industry and gearbox  Italian 
Mechanism feed unit for the roll
The machine works on all types of thermal rolls or PE
Mechanics system easy tuning and calibration
Fitted with a color touch-screen brand LS  Korea with 3 languages
PLC device brand LS fast response and control
-All pistons ,switches and circuit breakers is from Schneider company France
Photo-cell device to envelope length control brand SICK  Germany
All machine sensors is SICK brand
Power Requirement: 220V or 380V  /  50 /60Hz
The machine designed for 24 hours continues working

Alternative Equipments:

Conveyor to feed the machine with the products
Conveyor to receive the products from the machine
Expiry Date printer(asrequired)
Nitrogen pumping device

5-UV-Ray sterilization device

All machines manufactured in our company holds the international quality certificate ISO 9001. ISO 14001. ISO 18001
All machines manufactured in our company holds a certificate of CE

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