Dual Packaging Heads Volumetric System Packaging Machine – F2


Product Description:
Filling and packaging machine Brand F 2 Dual Packaging Head

Technical Specifications:

Production capacity :80-120 pack\min
Pack length control >30 cm
envelope width: on customer request
Cushion design envelope
all the parts that on touch with the product is made of 304 stainless steel
The ability to make every head Packaging separately from the other
Volumetric filling system with 12 telescopecups made of 304 stainless steel
equipped with clear Faber glass doors for safety
Control panel touch screen from LS with languages
PLC control system high-accuracy and fastresponse from LS Korea can be programming  and helping  on the internet
All pneumatic parts is from FIESTO company (Germany)or  SMC (Japan
Temperature hour with accuracy control system from AUTONICS ( Korea
Inverter for speed control LS brand
All electronic parts from Schneider company (France
The machine works encapsulates all thermal rolls except PE
All gear position squaring centres for non-corrosion made of chrome to be able to work continuous 24 hours
Pneumatic system with pressure 7 to 8 bar and capacity 300 L/min
3hp Italian motor with gear box (Italyfor packaging
1hp Italian motor  with gear box (Italyfor filling
Photo-cell device to envelope length control brand SICK – Germany
Power capacity 220V or 380V  50hz 5000W
Dimension : 135X230X300 cm and weight: 1050 kg
Equipped with tools box

Alternative Equipments:

PVC Conveyor belt line with Tank, Vibrator, and circuit control and electronic sensors to feed the machine with the product automatically 
Conveyor to receive product after packaging
Expiry date printer(as required)
Nitrogen Pumping Device
Inflatable Bag Device
Emptying from Air Device
UV-Rays to Sterilization the thermal roll 
UV-Rays to Sterilization the product

All machines manufactured in our company holds the international quality certificate ISO 9001. ISO 14001. ISO 18001
All machines manufactured in our company holds a certificate of CE

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