General Manager

Mr Amer Hadri

ZIRVE .. a giant manufacturing of Chips production lines and packaging machines. we provide you our experience for more than 30 years of research and development to access the latest Technology, Quality and Reliability.
ZIRVE is one of the first companies operating in this field. We have achieved the largest sales volume at this field in Turkey, and we could export our latest technology to more than 50 countries around the world.Why You Should Choose ZIRVE ..?
When the hunt for new project? Look no further than ZIRVE. We’ve compiled a couple of reasons why a ZIRVE will be your best partner for many years:

Advanced Technologies:

ZIRVE is always rolling out unique new features in their production lines. Your production will become a whole lot better. Whether it’s through less production cost or getting the best quality through an available intelligent systems

Exceptional Reliability Features:

ZIRVE production lines are designed to operate very long hours without stopping for maintenance.
Of course According to our reputation all over 30 years of good dealing.

Technical Support & After Sales Services:

Our qualified team helping you to see more success by giving you simple solutions with a very short time and low maintenance cost.

We make sure to listen effectively to your requests to achieve your expectations.



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